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Welcome to the new site! We are now at both and at The .Net site will become the operational end of our organizational mission. The .Org site will strive to keep you: our supporters, sponsors and future partners, informed about what we do on the .Net site and our plans for broadening that service, widening our reach and adapting its content so it remains responsive to the needs of our audiences.

You can jump straight to the .Net site and explore the virtual communities there, whose intent it is to reach and service our audiences of rural professionals. Or you can first stay here awhile and explore our strategy for doing so.

Our approach to the problem is somewhat unorthodox: Instead of reaching our audiences before they complete their initial training, or draw them into formal seminars and workshops, we aim to reach them at their worksite, at home or anywhere else they can actually connect with us on the Internet. We expect the climb to be steep.normal_sen8_dfi_clothingmerchant_05

We are keenly aware of the material and technical risks involved. But we are also cognizant of the considerable gains being made across Africa by Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). In this sense the field is new and the potential great.

We believe that it is only after being “on the job” that rural professionals can begin to know what practical questions must be asked and what pragmatic answers stand a realistic chance of success if applied to their own contexts. The focus of our work: the Operations & Management of Change and Development in Rural Africa covers a range of issues that have yet to be fully integrated in the curriculum of Africa’s specialized tertiary institutions. We hope to partner with these institutions and enable them to follow-up with the graduates of their initial courses of training.

Similarly, we trust that you, the members of these virtual communities (agronomists, extension agents and public health specialists, community leaders) will benefit from your participation and from the experience of moderators, who will stand ready to assist in the Forums discussions and in Groups formed around issues and affinity The peer-based approach to Learning has proven its effectiveness time and time again, and the team-based approach to Doing has been at the root of worldwide successful management practices. We aim to establish sufficient proximity between the Doing and the Learning to enable a direct exchange of experiences between the practitioners of rural development in Africa We also trust that in later years, the members of today will become the moderators and mentors of tomorrow .

We will ask for your assistance, material and otherwise. Should you agree with the importance of our mission and the potential of our approach, we hope that your response will be as generous as possible either by helping us fund our activities, by donating your content for use on the site, by volunteering your service as moderators and mentors and by sharing your understanding of our work with others.

Thank you for your interest in Partnerships for Capacity Development. We hope you will join us online to support us or sponsor our work.

Register to become a Member. Participate in a virtual community. Share your experience. Become a Partner.

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Partner With Us

P4cd is ready to partner with public or private projects and programs aimed at broadening the ICT coverage  of rural communities.

We welcome opportunities for partnerships with tertiary and training institutions dedicated to Development Learning.

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